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Other Resources

Below you will find links to other websites that may be helpful.

Please note: these links are provided for your convenience. Whilst the sites listed adopt a responsible and caring attitude, all content on these sites is outside the control of Help-For and no responsibility is taken or guarantees given for their content or accuracy of the information they provide.


Anxiety-Panic Resource Center
Community, Information and Resources on anxiety, panic and many other problems at
Anxiety and Depression Solutions
Personal mental health resource for problems involving anxiety, panic and depression.
Anxiety and Depression Help
Information and resources for anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders.
Anxiety Treatment (Australia)
Information on anxiety disorders, stress management, support groups, psychologists.
Calm Clinic
Resource to help people start dealing with anxiety problems. Includes advice on signs, causes, therapy, diet and more.
Poetry, Advice and lots of Anxiety-Related Links.

Borderline Personality Disorder:
Information and help for sufferers of BPD and mental ill health.


Depression Alliance
Charity (UK) provides information, support and understanding for those affected by depression
Depression Information and Support (UK)
Provides information, advice and support for psychological problems, focusing on depression.
Overcome Depression
Non-profit website provides comprehensive information and advice to help with depression


Advancing awareness of obsessive compulsive disorders.
OCD Action (UK)
Promoting recovery from obsessive compulsive disorders.
OCD Information and Support (UK)
Provides information, advice and support for psychological problems, focusing on obsessive compulsive disorder.


No Panic (UK)
Support for sufferers of panic and anxiety disorders. (CA)
Christian help for anxiety, panic and fear. Non-profit organisation in Canada.
Do You Panic
A personal case study in recovery from obsessive panic - awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation.


Provides information, advice and support.

Shyness / Social Anxiety:

Shyness and Social Anxiety Treatment (Australia)
Information on social anxiety, shyness, public speaking, blushing, sweating, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Self Harm:

Support for Self Harm
Offers a support line for self injury / self harm.


Managing Stress
Information and advice on how to manage and reduce stress.


Human Mind Webring
This ring links high quality sites with a common theme of Human Mind. (US)
Mental health resources, support and information.

Therapy / Treatment:
Information and Resources for Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Anxiety Disorders and other topics.
Directory of Hypnotherapists
Support and general advice about hypnotherapy. Offers a directory of professional hypnotherapists.
Family Therapy
Information and advice on a wide range of parent, child and family problems.


Addiction Guide (US)
Comprehensive up-to-date information about various addictions and how to overcome them.
Beating Addictions (UK)
Non-profit website offering information and advice about addictions.
Recovery Resources Online
Thousands of Recovery Resources for Alcoholism, Addiction and Mental Health.
Resources for Personal Growth, Self-Improvement and Self-Help.
11 helpful free tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing.

Other Helpful Resources:

Free Mental Health Helplines (UK)
A guide to UK-based free mental health helplines by Cassiobury Court. Health Information for College Students
Information and resources relating to mental health issues and college students
Mental Health Resources for Students (USA)
Provides a wide range of mental health resources for college students.
Vitamin Insight
A comprehensive site for those looking to further their knowledge of vitamins and supplements.
Information and advice regarding prescription medications and the side effects / complications associated with them.
Mental Illness + Addiction
Information about co-occuring disorders and resources for mental illness and addiction.

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