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Calm Anxiety: Taking Back Control

Why do I get so anxious for no reason?

What is wrong with me?

The speeding heart and rapid breathing, the sweating, trembling, feeling 'on-edge' and that sense of impending danger are all extremely powerful.

They descend upon us without warning and we cannot seem to stop them. These thoughts, feelings and behaviours, over which we have virtually no control, affect us deeply.

Such powerful feelings and so little control – it's no wonder that anxiety can be seen as an awful problem, a terrible weakness, something that has to be eradicated from our lives at all cost.

Yet anxiety is a vital part of being human. Indeed, every living creature on the planet has its own form of anxiety, its very own built-in self-protection instinct.

Essentially to help us survive, to keep us alive, anxiety sits quietly in the background waiting to spring into action when needed in times of danger.

So why do I get so anxious when there is no danger?

Why do I have more anxiety than others?

What can I do about it?


When the answer to these questions involves labels such as 'disorder' and 'mental illness' and provides treatments that offer no real control, it's easy to be drawn into self-defeating beliefs about anxiety – ones that only make it worse.

Yet if we look at anxiety through the lens of evolution and survival and see how it rises up to protect us as a result of new, modern-day threats (some of which didn't even exist just a generation ago) a very different picture emerges.

It's not one of 'disorder' or 'mental illness' because of something going wrong in the brain, but that of a normal, healthy person with a normal, healthy mind, being conditioned into a life of anxiety and fear due to repeated exposure to modern day stresses.


Calm Anxiety... offers a totally new way to understand and deal with the increased anxiety that plagues so many of us today.

It reveals, for the first time, how a perfectly normal healthy person (with a normal healthy brain) starts to become more anxious, slowly and steadily over time without realising.

And, more importantly, it shows how to reverse the process – how to remove all unnecessary anxiety and fear from your life completely, permanently and naturally.

Calm Anxiety:
Taking Back Control

Calm Anxiety

Format: Paperback  (Kindle Version)
ISBN: 978-0-9558136-8-9
Publisher: Help-For
Author: Terry Dixon
Pages: 160
RRP: £7.95

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"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind"

... Caroline Myss



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