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Calm Anxiety: Taking Back Control

Why am I more anxious than my family, my friends and my colleagues?
What is wrong with me?

The speeding heart and rapid breathing, the sweating, trembling, feeling 'on-edge' and that sense of impending danger are all extremely powerful.

They descend upon us without warning and we cannot seem to stop them. These thoughts, feelings and behaviours, over which we have virtually no control, affect us deeply.

Such powerful feelings and so little control – it's no wonder that anxiety can be seen as an awful problem, a terrible weakness, something that has to be eradicated from our lives at all cost.

Yet anxiety is a vital part of being human. Indeed, every living organism on the planet has its own form of anxiety, its very own built-in self-protection instinct.

Essentially to help us survive, to keep us alive, it sits quietly in the background waiting to spring into action when needed in times of danger.

So why do I get so anxious when there is no danger?

Why do I have more anxiety than others?

What can I do about it?


When the answer to these questions involves labels such as 'disorder' and 'mental illness' and provides treatments that offer no real control, it's easy to start feeling helpless and think we'll never be free from anxiety.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

If we look at anxiety through the lens of evolution and survival and see how it's trying to protect us against modern-day threats (some of which didn't even exist just a generation ago) a very different picture emerges.

It's not one of 'dis-order' or 'mental illness' because of something going wrong in our brain, but that of a normal, healthy person with a normal, healthy mind, being conditioned into a life of anxiety and fear due to personal experience in society today.


In the past, anxiety and the fight-or-flight response served our ancestors well. The threats they faced were physical.

Today, the threats we face are emotional. Virtually everywhere we turn in modern society we are under attack emotionally.

Don't get drawn into a world of mental illness and medication because of anxiety today...

Learn the truth about your anxiety and take back control.

Calm Anxiety:
Taking Back Control

Calm Anxiety

Format: Kindle*  (Paperback available Jun 2)
ISBN: 978-0-9558136-9-6
Publisher: Help-For
Author: Terry Dixon


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"Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained."

...Robert Albert Bloch



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