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Evolving Self Confidence:
How to Become Free From Anxiety Disorders and Depression


5 Stars  A life changer (if you let it change it)
quotemarkstart  This book had such influence in my life that I fell compelled to contact the author privately.The author will embark with you in a journey from your childhood to the present day. This journey is not intended to be filled with nostalgia and good vibes though, it will be vivid and - possibly - cruel as it was back then, but in the end you will understand how necessary it was to relive all of those memories. This book IS NOT the usual self-help book with tricks and things to say to yourself. Sure, it has some tips on how to get rid of some of the mental traps you're in, but the main purpose of this book is to understand deeply why you are feeling this way. Having this knowledge, you're already in the way to relief. "It's your birthright to be happy", it was only when I first read this in this book that I realized that deep inside of me I didn't feel I was worthwhile of any happiness at all. This book is now a must have for me. I have to re-read from time to time, to get me in the right track. I couldn't thank you enough, Terry. One of those books that make you notice they mean a lot to the author. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Excellent
quotemarkstart  This is the best book I have read on this subject. It explains, very well, the core of the problem of anxiety. I feel like the clouds have parted and I can see the anxiety for what it is. So very well written and explained. A truly amazing book. I shall be forever grateful for it. Thank you. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Excellent!
Mrs A Boden – Hypnotherapist
quotemarkstart  As a practitioner I have recommended this book to many of my clients - it is both well written, accessible, very well researched and informative - no jargon, easy to read, and helpful. I am so glad to have discovered this very helpful book. I recommend it to anyone who wants to overcome anxieties and increase their self confidence. quotemarkend

4 Stars  Book 'Evolving Self Confidence' - author Terry Dixon.
quotemarkstart  Found this book quite 'deep' to start with. Quite a lot to take in. I think you would have to read it more than once to really get a grip of it. The author certainly knows what he is talking about, and I think it would help anyone suffering anxiety disorders. It helps by making you realise someone knows what this condition feels like - that you are not alone. Lots of helpful advice - main thing is, you have to put it into practice, not just read about it and put the book down. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Very helpful book
quotemarkstart  I've read many books on this topic but this has been the best at explaining how our experiences shape our view of life. He explains the road to recovery is simple yet not instant. Would thouroughly rcommend. quotemarkend

5 Stars  A New Twist to Anxiety & Depressive Disorders
Benson D. Evans Ph.D
quotemarkstart  Obsessions, fears, depression, anxiety...all almost totally related to the unconscious memories of our past. Although there certainly is a biochemical component this author focuses on our emotional state and its relationship to previous experiences. It has helped me stare those issues in the face and work on the 'now' of my issues. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Brilliant!!!
quotemarkstart  A great book. From someone who is studying psychology, and has also suffered throughout my life with various fears and phobias. The book 'normalises' all the thoughts and fears - I no longer feel as though I need an exorcism. Its not only a great education but very reassuring and I could relate it to my own background to a T. The repetitiveness works wonders to sink into the obsessive/phobic mind. People who have come through mental health problems through counselling, CBT etc. for 25 years plus ultimately come to the conclusions that this book makes. One critic suggested that the writer was not a professional. In my experience professionals can only match symptoms to a diagnosis and go through the 'recommended treatments'. They often do not understand. Most of us have been failed by professionals. To have real experience (as the writer clearly does) is invaluable. I am recommending this book to my group at MIND and shall keep a copy for myself to repeatedly reference as slipping back is so easy. quotemarkend

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      Evolving Self Confidence

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