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Evolving Self Confidence:
How to Become Free From Anxiety Disorders and Depression

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5 Stars  You can believe in this one
C. Mills
quotemarkstart  I have found Terry Dixon's book `Evolving Self Confidence' a real delight and beautifully pitched. I have suffered anxiety, depression and confidence issues for most of my life and have sought many different resolutions to no avail. I felt myself to be once again going down in my mental state and just through a search engine found this book on Amazon. I ordered it and with shredded nerves started to read it when it arrived. It wasn't brash or bold. It was like being held and being loved. I had an understanding of psychological issues and the physiology and functions of the brain from university. The things I read made sense and were practical but this time they were presented in such a way that it wasn't information anymore. It had become the soothing words of someone that cared; the words were instilled in my mind and my mind believed. This book can make you believe in yourself again. I have always been sceptical and things have very rarely worked for me. I had hypnotherapy that required me to tell myself parrot fashion that I was strong and would be fine to no avail. This book makes YOU believe in you, not another. I guess that why it works and why it feels real, because it is real and the answer is you. You just need to work at it with its help - you'll find no better help; Thank you Terry. quotemarkend

5 Stars  very good book
quotemarkstart  This book was amazing book which help you go to source of your anxiety and depression and help to learn how to accept your feeling and make change in to your nervous system thank you Terry. quotemarkend

4 Stars  Anxiety issues that follow
Tony Wales
quotemarkstart  Yet to complete the book. A journey through anxiety and solid explanations rooted in upbringing and other reasons why the persistence of this awfull affliction seems to flare up and die down, again flare up and die down. Difficult in areas that seem pertinent to many of us but pushing forward and covering these issues by simply reading is a form of therapy. I find myself looking for a magic key to switch these irritations off. But the book educates us on a number of key triggers and why we need to know they are there. I will complete it and it's well worth purchase. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Like A Light Shining The Way Out of Emotional Pain
Jeannette L. Brooks
quotemarkstart  This book really works~ So many books give you exercises to do that treat the symptoms, but don't go to the root of the problem and eradicate it. This book gives you insight to why you do the obsessive compulsions, or have general anxiety, or panic attacks and depression. Then the author tells you what steps to take in order to change your thinking about yourself to the truth, and then gives you the self-talk to change your opinion about yourself. To those who repeatedly hurt you with constant criticism and ridicule when you were a child, you are told that it was their problem, not yours. You are not bad, you are, you have always been a good person. Buy this book. Another good one is Brain Lock, by Jeffrey Schwartz, It goes into a lot of scientific studies, and it gives some good practical steps for change too. Happy reading... quotemarkend

5 Stars  One of a kind
quotemarkstart  I am 38 years old and have been actively battling an anxiety disorder for over 20 years, including 8 years of seeing a therapist. During this time I have healed/progressed just slightly and concluded that I was just a special person that was "un-fixable". Then I read this book and my life and outlook have changed tremendously. The author explains the way people learn these self destructive behaviors and the solution to them in a totally unique way. I have read many self help books and none of them come even close to this book. It's very practical, and not overly wordy. This book will change your life! quotemarkend

5 Stars  Evolving Self Confidence
Mr. I. Watson
quotemarkstart  I don't write a lot of reviews, but I felt compelled to say that this book has had quite a profound effect on me. I have read a number of similar books, but this one has really hit home the control that we could actually have over anxiety and depression if we only understood them (and why they affect us) better. Suffice to say I highly recommend it - please don't suffer any longer, and read this book! Good luck on your journey. x quotemarkend

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      Evolving Self Confidence

*Review source: Amazon UK and US

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