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Evolving Self Confidence:
How to Become Free From Anxiety Disorders and Depression

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4 Stars  Evolving Self Confidence: How to Become Free from Anxiety Disorders and Depression
Km Kelly
quotemarkstart  A really well written book without all the neurological jargon to confuse things. I would highly recommend it. quotemarkend

5 Stars  great read and not just for anxiety sufferers
quotemarkstart  This book is really well-written and I would suggest it to those with borderline personality disorder as well as those disorders suggested on the cover and inside. (bpd isn't actually mentioned in it but an incredible amount applies to it). Offers some solace and hope to those suffering with mental ill health.. There is hope and you're not alone in how you feel. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Life transformer: synic into a Optimist
blue pillow
quotemarkstart  This book is very good as it deals with life experience rather than the merely the problem. It helps you to identify where your feelings have come from and that Anxiety is not negative and should be cured, but that it is a high level of anxiety and its intangibility that is the issue. If you suffer from anxiety then buy it! Like all things it takes time. As they say it takes 28 days to break a bad habit (some cases even more). Patience is important. Enjoy! quotemarkend

5 Stars  Amazing insight
Amazon Customer
quotemarkstart  I suffered from an anxiety disorder for over thirty years. I found Terry Dixons pamphlet on E-Bay before the book was written. The piece that was missing in my recovery was in this book and that was to recognize that when I was triggered into the anxiety cycle to accept it. While it sounds simple the effect is profound. I would read the acceptance statement and in that moment it dawned on me that in the past my reaction was the thing perpetuating these cycles. My periods of anxiety went down from three to five months at a time to a day or two. I did a twelve week support group using this book . Each person eventually had the ah ha moment. Nice piece of the puzzle. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Best book in the whole universe
quotemarkstart  This is the best book in the whole world for anybody with anxiety,depression, phobias. You only need one book and it's this one. I have suffered from anxiety for 15 years. I have been halfway round the world for someone to help me, but to no avail. Then I come across this book. I feel like I have been blessed to find it. I read the book once and felt so happy to be alive, I finally know whats wrong with me and not only that I know to to correct it, on my own, without therapy, without drugs. To feel well again, thats the best thing in the world. I would recommend this book to anyone. Dont waste your money on anything else, u only need one book and its this one. This book tells u whats wrong with u and also how to correct it. Very simple to read, once u start reading u cant put the book down. Everything makes sense at long last. Im so happy happy happy. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Innovative and Correct
quotemarkstart  Based on my personal experiences this unique book's explanation of the cause and cure for anxiety, OCD, and depression is innovative and correct. I am successfully recovering from a forty year long midlevel depression and anxiety disorder and "Evolving Self-confidence" is guiding my way. This book helped me in a manner more effective, more understandable, more relatable, more articulate, and more precise than any of my experiences with other self-help books, psychiatrists, psychologists, university professors, advising loved ones and friends, presentations and workshops, medications and nutritional supplements, or any other source of treatment.
Some people believe that depending on the personality and condition of the reader, one self-help book may be best for some readers while a different book may be better for other readers. If this is the case then I would say "Evolving Self-confidence" is the best book for the largest possible number of people. If, however, this is not the case and one form of treatment can help the majority of people then I would say this book is the best PERIOD. If those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues take their condition seriously and they embrace the theories and treatment outlined in "Evolving Self-confidence", this book will greatly improve their lives and possibly change society for the better. quotemarkend

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      Evolving Self Confidence

*Review source: Amazon UK and US

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