Help for Anxiety, Phobias, OCD and Depression

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Evolving Self Confidence:
How to Become Free From Anxiety Disorders and Depression

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5 Stars  Enlightening
quotemarkstart  Very good read with very helpful information without too much mumbo jumbo big words and definitions that normal people would not understand ... Very helpful worth every penny. quotemarkend

5 Stars  if you are someone who is suffering the living hell that mental illness creates then this book is a very useful tool to understa...
richard major
quotemarkstart  This book is a crash course in psychology, it is not a new spiritual self help book (like so many others seem to be). if you are someone who is suffering the living hell that mental illness creates then this book is a very useful tool to understanding your illness and taking the steps to overcome it. I am very glad i found this book. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Brilliant.
quotemarkstart  Terry Dixon understands anxiety spectrum disorders. Brilliantly. This book will resonate with most people who have suffered anxiety in its various forms, I suspect. Those who have already contemplated the precursors and significant events that triggered their condition will l ikely have their intuitions clarified, articulated and confirmed; a liberating feeling in itself! Those who have not even considered alternative explanations for why they feel so bad, worthless or unworthy of happiness will, I imagine, begin to question and query the seemingly unmovable weight and burden they carry around inside until their understanding of why and how they became this way can only function to set them free. Understanding the root causes of these disorders is key to moving on without them. Anxiety disorders are natural, normal, human; yet we must also understand that they are unnecessary and that we have a right to live without them. This book details how to achieve exactly that. Evolving Self Confidence will make you feel light in heart. I think this book is outstanding. quotemarkend

5 Stars  Evolving Self Confidence
Mr. R. Sealy – Dip.Couns.
quotemarkstart  I am a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor and want to support the messages within this book. Mr Dixon clearly 'knows his stuff', and it is refreshing to see that he tackles the issues of anxiety, phobias, OCD and depression in such a thorough and empathetic way.
This really is a 'must read' book for those who find themselves suffering, and also for counsellors continued personal development(CPD). I for one have put this book onto my preferred booklist for clients to read.
I believe this useful publication will find it's rightful place among the important books in these matters.
Thank you Mr Dixon for your valuable contribution in this field quotemarkend

5 Stars  Evolving Self Confidence
quotemarkstart  Excellent book. It is easy to understand and I find I could read it again and again.It helped me a lot. quotemarkend

5 Stars  A MUST READ for anyone suffering from anxiety, panic etc
quotemarkstart  This book is utterly brilliant. For a start, it begins by explaining WHY anxiety disorders, OCD, agoraphobia and depression happen - and it makes such complete sense. Instead of feeling confused and hopeless about such a frightening condition, I began to realise that under the circumstances - it's all perfectly understandable: normal, even. The symptoms are all explained, and they started to make sense to me as well.
The author's extensive knowledge and understanding (I could be wrong but I would guess that he's an ex-sufferer), means that he knows what he's talking about and it all makes total sense. From the moment I started to read, I felt a great weight lifting from me: and I've had an anxiety disorder for 11 years. The author goes on to explain how to weaken the connection and the learned habit of anxiety.
I've bought lots of 'cures' over the years, I've read dozens of books and I've undergone many treatments, including drugs. None of it really helped, but this book really is already helping me - and I haven't even finished reading it yet. I recommend this book unreservedly, and I'll come back with another review in a few weeks to let you know how I progress. quotemarkend

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      Evolving Self Confidence

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