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The Fear of Crowds, Open Spaces, etc. – Anywhere There is no Safe Place if Panic Strikes


Anxiety and panic, through the fight-or-flight response, drive us desperately to either fight or escape. But often there is nothing to fight or flee from, only the situation or place, and if we flee (or avoid) a particular place, we will soon have to avoid anywhere similar.



"A state of uneasiness or tension caused by apprehension of possible misfortune, danger etc." and to be anxious is to be "worried and tense."


"A sudden overwhelming feeling of fear or anxiety."

(The Collins English Dictionary)


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Agoraphobia usually develops as a result of panic disorder and the frequent 'out of the blue' panic attacks that leave us feeling scared over the physical symptoms of panic and the accompanying thoughts/feelings of dread and loss of control. It reflects having only the confidence to deal with a restricted number of situations: those where we feel safe. As we don't want to be seen panicking and out of control in front of others or be in a state of panic with nowhere to go to be safe, agoraphobia soon limits us to our homes or, in extreme cases, even to certain parts of the home. Eventually, we just can't bear to go anywhere that a panic attack may occur.

Since it is more socially (and innately) acceptable for females than males to avoid situations, agoraphobia is seen predominantly in women as many men tend to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs and face the situation rather than avoid it.

Feelings of low self-worth and insecurity lie at the heart of all panic-related disorders. The lack of control over our own body and the perceived implications of something terrible happening, only serve to fuel these underlying insecurities and ensure more and more panic. However, once we understand what is happening and why it is happening, we can start to regain control of our body and deal with any unnecessary panic rather than let it scare us. Whatever we face in life, self-confidence grows as feelings of control grow.




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