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The Benefits of Self-Help Books

Can self-help books and self-improvement books really help?

It's a valid question, for in the words of so many "It's just a book".

But at the end of the day, all help is self help. Meaningful change can anly be brought about by our self, no one can get inside us and do it for us.

Personal support and assistance from another human being is the best help there is. The next best thing is the wisdom, support and guidance from such a person in the words of a book.

Good self-help books give us the three things mentioned:-

• Knowledge / wisdom
• Guidance
• Support

Look at them like instruction manuals: eg. recipe books, how-to-manuals.

We could spend years trying to guess the right ingredients and technique to bake the perfect sponge cake or a lifetime trying to mend a car engine ... or we could learn what to do in matter of hours. Of course it still takes practise to achieve the goal ... but we can save an awful lot of time finding out what to do.

Good self-help help books come from those that understand the problem

Great self-help books come from those that have experienced the problem and dealt with it successfully. No amount of qualifications can replace this experience.

These people know what we are going through. They touch us on a deeper level and seem to speak to us personally. Just reading such books can put us on the right path to recovery.


When choosing a self-help book take time to read any reviews available. Genuine reviews can show you how the book can help you.

Realise that with self-help 'one size doesn't fit all' – We are all individuals and our experiences differ. However, basic truths apply to us all. Take advice and mould and shape it to suit.

Good luck!

Here's a selection of the most common self-help topics. In each you will find some of the best self-help books available:-




"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind"

Caroline Myss


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