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Anxiety Medications Book

Anxiety Medications: How they Work to Stop Anxiety... The Benefits and Risks Involved

Anxiety can involve such awful feelings that it's not surprising we turn to anything we can for relief.

Some people self-medicate with alcohol, others use recreational drugs, but for many the preferred choice is pharmaceutical drugs – medication available from our doctor by prescription.

Prescription medications have their uses and their drawbacks, and to understand why this is the case, we have to know how they work.

In this book, you'll discover the 3 ways in which prescription medications work:-

1. Stop anxious thoughts and feelings (TRANQUILIZERS)

2. Balance chemicals in the brain (ANTIDEPRESSANTS)

3. Stop the anxiety (BETA BLOCKERS)

Get all the information you need to weigh up the benefits and risks accurately.

This book is completely free to read on screen, download and print. No email address or any other details are needed – simply choose the version you require and start reading.

•  22 pages
•  Read it on-screen
•  Download and save to read later
•  Print a copy
•  It is totally free – just select the version you require.

PC/Tablet Version  |  Smartphone Version

Anxiety Definition:-

The Collins English Dictionary describes anxiety as "a state of uneasiness or tension caused by apprehension of possible misfortune, danger etc."

And to be anxious is to be "worried and tense".

Latin anxietas gave anxiety in English; the base is Latin anxius, from angere 'to choke'


With anxiety, as with anything in life... Knowledge = Power


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