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Kindle Anxiety Book    (Also available as a paperback)

Anxiety As Nature Intended

If we didn't have anxiety, we wouldn't be scared when confronted by a roaring lion. If we didn't have anxiety to keep us safe, we wouldn't avoid dimly-lit alleys and underpasses in the dead of night. Without anxiety, we wouldn't take extreme care when crossing the road with our children.

Anxiety is essential to the survival of every human (indeed, every animal) on the planet. Essentially to help us survive, to keep us alive, it sits quietly in the background waiting to spring into action when needed in times of danger.


'Anxiety As Nature Intended' takes a fresh look at anxiety through the lens of human evolution and survival and reveals how 'trying to protect our self' can explain many of the serious anxiety problems in society today.

It comprises:-

Anxiety: Our Survival Instinct
Explore anxiety and the fight-or-flight-response. Learn why we have anxiety, how it protects us, what all the physical symptoms mean and why we get them.

Anxiety: Related Problems
This details anxiety problems and disorders as they are classified today (all the descriptions and symptoms) and examines the current medications prescribed to treat them. Discover how these medications work to stop anxiety and weigh up the benefits and risks involved.

Anxiety-Related Problems: Illness or Survival
In the past, anxiety and the fight-or-flight response served our ancestors well, but the dangers we face today are different. Learn why anxiety is increasing for everyone in the world today. Take a fresh look at anxiety problems and disorders and how many of them can be explained by our survival instincts trying to protect us.


Anxiety As Nature Intended

Anxiety problems... illness or nature trying to protect us?

Anxiety As Nature Intended

Format: Kindle*  (Paperback Version)
Publisher: Help-For
Author: Terry Dixon
Price: £2.25

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"Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained."

...Robert Albert Bloch



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